We design, architect and develop performant, resilient and maintainable systems as well as have experience, developing and growing strong, a self-directing technology teams.


We are great advocates for the right tool for job and work in a number of technologies, especially Ruby, Elxir and Javascript.


Jardim.io is a platform for tracking, exploring and experimenting in your garden. Jardim hopes to simplify your gardening experience.


Jobroll.io is a tool for optimizing your job search.


Structre.io is a means for collaborating on home improvement plans. Structre aims to organize your home improvement path.


My background is in leading engineering teams with a combination of collaboration and detailed deep dives into the problems we are solving. I have a huge amount of love for technology but more than anything I build solutions.

In my former life I was a Biotechnologist working on improving lives with science, receiving a B.S. in Biotechnology at the Rochester Institute of Technology and my M.Sc in Biotechnology at UC Irvine.